The Lion King Musical at the Lyceum Theatre

From the DAY WE ARRIVED ON THE PLANET – all together now! Disney’s theatrical rendition of the classic 90’s animated film The Lion King is a must-see, and an experience that had been waiting patiently on my bucket list for far too long!

We booked our tickets with a site called From The Box Office, and the process was extremely smooth. I checked for reviews first, as I didn’t want to get tangled up in any ticket fraud. Don’t get drawn into the deals that look to good to be true – it’s best to pay and get the experience you actually want.

Following our faithful Google Maps on foot in London after tucking into some great eats at the nearby Zizzi Italian restaurant (their Primavera Rustica Pizza is super tasty and veggie friendly! With Goat’s cheese, artichokes, spinach, fire roasted peppers, olives – I asked for extra artichokes as me and olives aren’t friends, mozzarella, balsamic tomatoes, super green pesto and rocket on a wholemeal, white and spelt base. Did I mention it’s laden with artichokes *drool*)

Okay back to the theatre… so we followed the directions and crossed the road to see the Lyceum Theatre (you can’t miss it) standing proudly covered in banners and posters of The Lion King musical! They wanted to make sure you’d have no excuse to say you couldn’t find the place!


I arranged for us to collect our tickets at the theatre which didn’t take long at all, but we did arrive around 45 minutes early (they recommend at least 30 minutes). Even at that time, the queue for the women’s toilets was horrendous and half of the toilets were blocked, so make sure you’re running on empty before you go in (note to self my next theatre break!) The men’s toilets were queue-less (typical), so men need not worry!

Our seats were ZA8 and ZA9 downstairs in the stalls, and I chose these because I had read reviews from other audience members that you would be able to see the cast come right past you during the musical, creating even more of an experiential dynamic. It was definitely worth the additional cost compared to the standard ticket, and half the time I wanted to follow them onto the stage and join in. If I knew the routine I probably would have…


For me, the show was both excitingly nostalgic and a musical triumph that demanded your engagement! I couldn’t just sit still and watch, and danced along in my seat for the duration of the performance. Apart from when Mufasa died of course… I was actually surprised at how the scene made me emotional, as even the original film didn’t cause such a reaction. I guess that’s a testament to the talent behind this show, to create such convincing depictions of the original.

The special effects were AMAZING and I thought it was so clever how the actors used various costumes and props to portray the animals so vividly. If you spent your childhood watching this champion of a film from Disney’s bygone era, then you need to make sure you head to your nearest theatre showing this musical and be prepared to experience the main event and ask yourself, can you feel the love tonight? What are you waiting for?! It’s a problem-free philosophy! 

Okay I’ll stop now… Let me know what you liked most about the show if you’ve seen it already/when you do see it. I’ll just be over here working on my roar!


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