Adventure Golf at Blaby Golf Centre

After visiting The Belfry, I was even more eager to get my hands on a golf club and have a go for the first time!

With the arrival of a bank holiday, and the widespread relief at the satisfaction of a long weekend, I decided to check out the adventure golf course at Blaby Golf Centre in Leicestershire.


Consisting of 18 holes, all you have to do is turn up and play on what they call a ‘pay-and-play’ basis, with no booking required. At just £5 per head, I thought it was a bargain way to have some outdoor fun, especially as the weather was so nice!

As it was a bank holiday I wasn’t expecting it to be quiet, and there was quite a long wait initially to get the game started. I did notice that there were lots of families, couples and groups of friends – this is definitely the type of activity that is fun in groups! The only downside being that on busy days like these, it would probably take you a couple of hours minimum to get around the course if you were a group of 4 or more.


I went with my husband and we did have a good laugh, but despite it being just two of us even we were beginning to run out of patience as we neared the end of the course. It took us around an hour and a half to get round all of the holes due to the busy period.


I liked the variety of the course, and although I really REALLY wanted a hole-in-one, I had to settle with a two-in-one instead (just over here making up terms for the golfing handbook!)


The best part of the course in my opinion is the second to last hole, where you hit the ball through a pipe and it rolls down a sequence of metal guides onto the course below. I thought it was a really cool, fun feature that satisfied the child in me!


Next time you’ve got a free day, grab your partner, children or some friends and head out to have a go for yourself! This was my first time trying my hand at any kind of golf and I would definitely play adventure golf again – I’ll probably need to create a bucket list for different courses across the UK!


Look out for me on the PGA tour…



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