40 Bucket List ideas for Couples

So I thought what better way to mark my first wedding anniversary than with a post sharing the things that I’m aiming to tick off the bucket list with my husband, whilst hopefully inspiring you in the process!

We both like to take life lightly, so I’m glad to say that our first year has provided a lot of fun memories for us both! This year however, I would love for us to get out and experience more – cue the bucket list…

With varied personal interests, there’s something here for everyone from self-confessed adrenaline junkies who like to live life on the edge, to creative heads, to those who’d prefer the quieter, more relaxing life. (Funny how my interests are pretty much a blend of all three!)

  1. Complete an Escape Room
  2. Adventure Golf
  3. Segway Ride
  4. Go Karting
  5. Supercar Driving Experience Day
  6. Off-road Driving Experience
  7. Rally Car Driving
  8. Water Biking
  9. Scuba Diving
  10. Go on a Jet Ski
  11. White Water Rafting
  12. Helicopter Ride
  13. Plane-flying Lesson
  14. Hot Air Balloon Flight
  15. Sky Trail High Ropes Session
  16. Sky Diving
  17. Visit a Maze
  18. Indoor Climbing
  19. Falconry/Owl Experience
  20. Walk with Alpacas
  21. Horse Riding
  22. Bike Ride
  23. Have a Picnic
  24. Visit a Fruit Farm
  25. Visit an Aquarium
  26. Watch a West End Show
  27. Eat a meal at a restaurant with more that 3 courses
  28. Chocolate-making Workshop
  29. Cake Decorating
  30. Pottery Making/Painting
  31. Jazz Cafe
  32. Bake together
  33. Write letters to open at a future date
  34. Star Gaze
  35. Visit a Spa
  36. Relax in a Hot Tub
  37. See a Beach Sunrise/Sunset
  38. Ride a horse on the beach
  39. Go on a Cruise
  40. See a Waterfall

*We’ve already ticked off a few of these experiences, but I thought I would include them again as part of the list for your inspiration.

Please tell me you already have a bucket list?! If not then you do now! It’s a must, especially for those in relationships, as it’s a fabulous way to make sure that you’re keeping yourself motivated by the goal to ‘get out and do’ to get the very best out of life. It’s so easy to get stuck in a boring routine otherwise…

So add some spice to your life, beginning with your very own bucket list – or at least add to it if it’s been a while! I’m always open to new ideas for the list, so get in touch below with any other experiences that you’ve had or can’t wait to try that you think are worth sharing!

Life is built upon moments, so why not make your relationship an exciting adventure; full of moments worth looking back on in love…


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