Take me to Tenerife!

I thought I’d throw it right back to a couple of years ago when I went on my first joint family holiday with Liam’s family back in November 2016. That was before I created this blog – before we were married even! But I thought that holiday definitely deserved to be featured… especially since I planned the whole thing for everyone (and survived!)


We flew out to Tenerife for 10 days and stayed in an apart-hotel called Apartmentos Casablanca in La Paz, Puerto De La Cruz.  With the choice between 1 and 2 bedroom apartments including a fully equipped kitchen, 9 of us were split between a trio of 1 bedroom apartments quite comfortably. The option for self-catering worked great for those with particular diet requirements/ a preference to cook during their stay, but breakfast was also included as part of the cost to stay in the hotel.


The food options were okay – nothing impressive. They had a set menu and every for you to choose from rather than a breakfast buffet, so it wasn’t great for those with larger appetites and the vegetarian options were limited to a potato/egg omelette (it did the job, but after 10 days of the same I was more than happy to get back home to variety!) It helped that we could sort our own food so we didn’t have a huge issue with the menu. There were a couple of supermarkets within walking distance at the bottom of the hill which had everything we needed.


We had members of our group who wanted to eat out more often, so we would venture either up the hill or down into the local area where there were a few restaurants to choose from. For those who love to get out and walk, then this location would be ideal for you! But for those who are less able, it can be a bit tricky to get around on foot as the hill from the hotel is quite steep and there are a lot of steps. We managed fine (and felt super-fit by the end of the trip!), but you may want to factor in taxis if needed to get around with ease.



Another reason why I chose this accommodation was due to the fact that there was a fully equipped gym just next door! With a few members of our group being fitness junkies, this was definitely made use of – a small entry fee is required and they offer a cheaper deal if you plan to use the gym continuously for consecutive days.

A few of us decided to visit the city centre of Puerto De La Cruz, and it was simple to catch one of the buses from the main road at the top of the hill. I brushed up on my Spanish and tried to use what I thought was a simple sentence with the driver. Let’s just say I had to resort to super-annunciated English and mad hand gestures – but we got there in the end!


There are a couple of large shopping centres (and more hills!) so be prepared to get plenty of exercise. We were mainly sightseeing, but had the chance to grab some frozen yoghurt on the way back before we realised the time and had to run to catch the bus! The fro-yo tasted amazing though…


Another day we ventured out to the local botanical gardens, or Jardín Botánico. I took some of my most favourite snaps of the entire holiday whilst here – the surroundings were stunning! I’m a big nature lover, so being in the midst of these beautiful gardens was somewhere I definitely didn’t want to leave in a hurry. There was such a sense of calm, and it was amazing to see such a variety of plants and trees that were unique to the location.

I’d definitely recommend getting out and exploring where possible, as we found a great spot higher up the hill where you had an incredible birds-eye view across part of the island. Can I just say there were additional ledges below rather than a straight drop to certain death, otherwise there’s no way I would have sat with my legs over the edge!



This holiday stands out to me as one of my favourites, not just because of the surroundings and the company, but because it was a great way to set the foundation for mine and Liam’s marriage to come (the following April) with one big family adventure! Until next time Tenerife…



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