Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon at The Bottle Garden

Scrolling through my local Facebook events for inspiration of where to head one weekend, I came across an event hosted by The Bottle Garden in Leicester, called “Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon”.

I had wanted to visit a jazz cafe for the longest time, so this event had me at “jazz”! The fact that it was completely free was an added bonus, so I decided to go along with my husband with the hope that it would live up to my expectations.

First of all, let me just say that The Bottle Garden is the kind of venue that will leave you wanting to return based on the decor alone! I had in mind that I would walk into some kind of outdoor garden at the back of a bar – nothing special. But when I walked into this place, it didn’t take long to fall in love with the atmosphere! It was like walking into an indoor garden; with a feature wall of artificial foliage, hanging plants, troughs of greenery and tree branches decorated with fairy lights.


You feel like you’ve walked straight into the pages of a novel, and the natural theme of the decor adds such a calm, relaxing backdrop to listen to some good music.

When we arrived the event had already started, and we were expecting to slip in at the back and grab a table but oh no! The venue itself is fairly small, although they have the bonus of an upstairs space, but the staging area was downstairs so they only had a limited number of available tables to seat guests. The rest of us stood at the back which was a bit of a squeeze, but as people came and left we were eventually offered a table right near the front which was fabulous! Side note – definitely book your table in advance if you attend an event here in future.

The band for the afternoon were known as “The Fourmasons”, and they bounced off one another to create a jazz vibe that just had you grooving along with them. My favourite was the double bass, but I’ve always had a thing for the “walking bass” sound in jazz songs.

With myself and Liam both having an interest in the way music is composed, it was nice to see the different talent on show in the group with the combination of sounds to achieve a smooth jazz vibe that you couldn’t help but nod your head to. We enjoyed some laid-back jazz, whilst swaying along with each other in the whimsical environment – now that’s my idea of a special Sunday afternoon!


I’ve already raved about this event to friends and family, creating an eagerness to attend the next event when it’s held at this venue. Oh and I was finally able to tick “jazz cafe” off my bucket list! But I think I might just be hooked…


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