Domino’s Italiano Roma Vegetarian Pizza

Before you laugh at the fact that I’m reviewing a Domino’s pizza, I can only say ‘you’re welcome’ in advance because I am about to share something that will change the course of your Two for Tuesday nights in for the foreseeable future… or until Domino’s decide they want to get rid of this beauty (perish the thought!)

It can be hard to find tasty vegetarian options when you’re in the mood for something cheeky, but there are quite a few places that have jumped on board now and actually offer options worth returning for.

Let me introduce you to the beauty that is the Domino’s Roma Pizza from their Italiano range, launched around this time last year. I can say that I’m a proud serial orderer (new word alert), and I thought it was only fair to share the love.

Made with a thin, Italian-style pizza base which I love (thick doughy bases make me feel extra plump), you can eat this pizza without feeling like you need to lay down after. Although I would still lie down anyway. Then they’ve only gone and topped it with cherry peppers, red onions and wait for it… GOATS CHEESE! This definitely makes the pizza, and as a fan this is the main thing that attracted me to the pizza in the first place. That and the fact that it actually looked like a decent vegetarian option other than the age old Vegi Supreme.


You’ll also get a separate tub of rocket leaves, as well as a mini bottle of chilli-infused oil.

So as I said to start with, you’re welcome! Try it for yourself and I would be surprised if you’re disappointed – especially if you’re a vegetarian who loves anything remotely pizza-shaped.

Grab a box and let me know what you think. Make sure you share a slice with someone else and spread the love though – this pizza is a keeper!



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