The Lion King Musical at the Lyceum Theatre

The special effects were AMAZING and I thought it was so clever how the actors used various costumes and props to portray the animals so vividly. If you spent your childhood watching this champion of a film from Disney’s bygone era, then you need to make sure you head to your nearest theatre showing this musical and be prepared to experience the main event and ask yourself, can you feel the love tonight? What are you waiting for?! It’s a problem-free philosophy! 

Adventure Golf at Blaby Golf Centre

Consisting of 18 holes, all you have to do is turn up and play on what they call a ‘pay-and-play’ basis, with no booking required. At just £5 per head, I thought it was a bargain way to have some outdoor fun, especially as the weather was so nice!

Warwickshire Getaways: The Belfry Hotel & Resort

I loved the bespoke chandelier that strikes your senses as you enter, but I actually didn’t realise that it had been crafted from golf clubs until I was leaving! What a gem of interior design, and a fitting nod to the hotel’s world-class golfing history and reputation. I’m not a golfer myself, but I still felt inspired by this place…

40 Bucket List ideas for Couples

We both like to take life lightly, so I’m glad to say that our first year has provided a lot of fun memories for us both! This year however, I would love for us to get out and experience more – cue the bucket list…

Take me to Tenerife!

Another day we ventured out to the local botanical gardens, or Jardín Botánico. I took some of my most favourite snaps of the entire holiday whilst here – the surroundings were stunning! I’m a big nature lover, so being in the midst of these beautiful gardens was somewhere I definitely didn’t want to leave in a hurry. There was such a sense of calm, and it was amazing to see such a variety of plants and trees that were unique to the location.

Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon at The Bottle Garden

When I walked into this place, it didn’t take long to fall in love with the atmosphere! It was like walking into an indoor garden; with a feature wall of artificial foliage, hanging plants, troughs of greenery and tree branches decorated with fairy lights.